Emergency Dental Care in Oahu

Emergency Dental Care in Oahu

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Emergency Care for Avulsed or Dislodged Teeth in Oahu

Your teeth are strong and the roots that are hidden underneath them are even stronger. Together, it takes a lot to loosen them. And that’s why it’s so alarming when an injury, accident, or physical altercation results in one or more of your teeth becoming either dislodged or avulsed. When we say avulsed, we mean that the tooth is no longer physically attached to your gums in any way. It’s free of your mouth. At Aloha Endodontics, not only do we provide urgent care, but we are experts in such treatments so you can be confident that we will make every effort to save your tooth.

It is vital that you spring into action immediately when your tooth is dislodged or avulsed. Taking the right steps in the right order, and doing so in a timely manner, greatly increases the chances of a positive outcome. If the tooth is dislodged, attempt to push it gently back into position. If this is not possible, don’t force it. An avulsed tooth rapidly loses moisture once it is no longer in your mouth. Place it in a container or milk or submerge it in some warm water with a pinch of salt. This will preserve it until you get our emergency dental care in Oahu. Call our office, or have someone do so on your behalf. We will then prepare for your arrival. A dislodged tooth may be repaired by simply supporting it with orthodontic wire or a plastic splint, but if there is damage to the inner pulp, root canal therapy from our emergency dental care in Oahu will be needed. This is also the case in most instances with an avulsed tooth.

Don’t lose a single crucial moment. Call our emergency dental care in Oahu as soon as you suffer any dental trauma at all. We are here to help and to promote the best possible results.

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