Emergency Dentist in Kapolei

Emergency Dentist in Kapolei

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Emergency Dental Care in Kapolei

The dental trauma that causes a tooth to become separated, either partially or completely, from its socket requires urgent attention, and the care you get is best administered by a specialist. That’s why we urge you to see us here at Aloha Endodontics for a dislodged or avulsed tooth. We want you to have the best chance possible to keep the tooth.

When your tooth is still physically connected to its socket, it is referred to as being dislodged, while the term avulsed is reserved for a tooth that is completely loose and no longer in your mouth. The cause of either is most likely an accident or an injury. Knowing what to do and in what order is crucial to promoting the best outcome. Call our office first, or have someone else do so for you. Let us know that you’re on the way, and we can also offer you guidance about what action to take. If the tooth is dislodged, it’s a good idea to try pushing it back into position. Don’t try to force it, however. With an avulsed tooth, our emergency dentist in Kapolei advises that you keep it moist so that the tooth remains viable until you arrive here. You can either put it into warm water with a pinch of salt or a container of milk. The appropriate treatment depends on if any damage has occurred to the tooth’s pulp. If so, which is nearly always the case for an avulsed tooth, you will need root canal therapy form our emergency dentist in Kapolei. You’re in the best hands, since that is a procedure performed here every day. A tooth without pulp damage may only need to be reattached and then held in with a splint or orthodontic wire while it heals.

Act immediately when your tooth has suffered a traumatic injury. Call us and we will have you seen by our emergency dentist in Kapolei. It’s a good idea to have our number programmed in your phone so you can access it right away when you need it.

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