Kapolei root canal

Kapolei Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Kapolei

The symptoms that lead you to requiring root canal therapy can be very serious and painful. This makes sense because the delicate pulp and nerve inside are affected. Don’t get this essential treatment done by your general dentist. Turn to us, the specialists at Aloha Endodontics, for the expert care, gentleness, and optimal outcomes that make for a successful result.

The signs that are most closely associated with a tooth infection are pain when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth in any way, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, gum tenderness, and tooth discoloration. You may not experience all of them, and there could also be swelling and sustained pain, but what is most important is that you take immediate action. An examination and x-rays at our office will determine if you need our Kapolei root canal. It’s a procedure that is done here everyday, so you know that you are in the best and most experienced hands. Timely care is key. When done promptly, there is a 90% or better chance for our Kapolei root canal to restore your tooth to maximum health. The way it works is that the injured pulp and nerve are removed. The canals are then cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. The treatment is not surgical, so there is no cutting, no stitches, and no bandages. The full process may take more than one session, depending on the circumstances, but the pain you have will be gone by the end of your first visit. And because the entire treatment is done under local anesthesia, and with the help of advanced equipment and techniques, you will remain comfortable throughout.

Don’t suffer needlessly. Reach out to our office to book an appointment. Your Kapolei root canal is a much better solution than having your tooth extracted. It’s always best to retain your natural tooth whenever possible.

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