Root canal in Oahu

Root Canal in Oahu

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Root canal retreatment in Oahu

Root canal in Oahu
Root canal in Oahu

Aloha Endodontics is your number one office for a root canal in Oahu. Those who need root canal retreatment can come into our offices so that we can check out your teeth and provide a professional opinion on how to retreat a previous root canal that have may have failed or is still painful. A root canal is the best way to save a tooth by cleaning out the diseased pulp inside.

A root canal in Oahu is a common procedure that we have done in our offices many times. Our doctor is professional and specializes in many different types of dental procedures. This includes fillings, veneers, cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry. If a root canal is not taken care of properly it could possibly fail and become painful and in need of care. It’s possible that it may need to be retreated. This is not a problem. We handle this right at our offices in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Call one of our staff members today to make an appointment if you suspect that there is something wrong with your previous root canal, or if you are experiencing tooth pain.

Some of the reasons a root canal in Oahu may fail is that there were complications due to undetected, curved or narrow canals. If a permanent restoration, such as a crown, was not placed right away, the root canal area may get infected. Or, the tooth may have become contaminated. Sometimes it is simply a new problem that gets inside the same tooth. Retreating involves reopening the tooth and then disassembling previous restorations. The inside is cleaned and sealed back up and a temporary filling placed. A permanent restoration is still needed over the root canal. We perform root canals and root canal retreatments during business hours Monday through Saturday.

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