Root Canal Oahu

Root Canal Oahu

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Root Canal Therapy in Oahu

When you need root canal, you don’t have to feel anxious or afraid, because here at Aloha Endodontics, we’re specialists in performing this essential non-surgical procedure, which you can count on to be a comfortable experience due to our expertise, along with our state-of-the-art equipment. The more you know about the causes and symptoms that are associated with it, the more at ease you will be.

The causes that lead to our root canal Oahu are usually related to the break down of your tooth’s protective layers, which then lets bacteria inside. The result is an infected pulp, the part inside your tooth, right next to the nerve. This can happen when you have a cavity, a loose or lost filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth. Less commonly, but also possible, is that an injury or accident can cause dental trauma that damages the pulp inside. It probably will come as no surprise that the most typical symptom is pain, especially when you chew food or you apply pressure to the tooth. It may start out mild, but it can easily become excruciating. Sensitivity to hot and cold is also something to be aware of. You might also notice tooth discoloration and/or gum tenderness. There are really only two treatment options. The less attractive one is tooth extraction. With our root canal Oahu, there is a better than 90% chance that you will be able to keep your natural tooth, which is a major benefit. The injured pulp and nerve are removed, the canals are cleaned and disinfected, and then the canals are sealed. After healing, the final step will be when you get a crown fitted to restore the tooth to full size.

Don’t wait one second longer than necessary when you have tooth pain. Our root canal Oahu is designed to relieve your pain and keep your tooth strong and viable for a long time to come. Call us now.

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